Makes our job a lot easier!

This dolly is a life and back saver!! We move heavy windows and doors with these things every day and they make our job a lot easier!! They are worth every penny!

‚ÄéChris S.

It made life much easier

Thank you D.A.D. It made life much easier. As you can see in the photo it is carrying a 500# pound French door ūüö™with no problems. Also, it… Read more “It made life much easier”

‚ÄéRigo M.

It was a life saver!

This is a really cool product to pretty much do anything with heavy lifting in the yard with mulch or even going to home depot or lowes to pick up anything heavy. Moves furniture with ease. Like I said, if you can think of anything that is heavy and you don’t have anyone to help… Read more “It was a life saver!”

‚ÄéPatricia B