Custom Do All Dolly

Posted On January 12, 2017 at 3:57 pm by / 1 Comment

This was a Custom build D.A.D built to move or hold while being worked on Boat Motors  for a client

Custom orders are available for a minimum order quantity of 5

One thought on “Custom Do All Dolly

  1. We use the do all dolly at my TMD windows and doors. it has helped tremendously. I had used it on a job site the day before with ease. We have use all sorts of dolly’s which if you are in the business if carrying impact glass you know how heavy a panel can be. In the video you see Jeff my co-worker using it for the first time alone. I had already loaded it on the the cart and strapped it in. He is new to the company and is doing it alone. I look forward to using it more and getting creative in how we do deliveries now.

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